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Kahalahala Beach

Many times, we have said how much we love Hawaii, and Kauai in particular, and wish we lived on the west coast so that we could just hop over more frequently.  My Vacation Lady loves Kauai for it’s natural beauty, great resort options and, of course, it’s beaches.

From Poipu Beach in the South Shore to Ke’e beach in the North, Kauai is filled with gorgeous beaches to visit.  Some are great for swimming.  Some are great for snorkeling.  Some are good for surfing and while some look absolutely welcoming, during certain times of the year, some are better to walk along the sand and stay out of the water.

While each of the beaches on Kauai have their similarities, they also have their differences. Some are more apt for surfing, some for snorkeling, some for swimming or just a perfect place to relax and watch the the most remarkable sunsets. Seasonal weather fluctuations that Kauai experiences can cause drastic differences in the ocean’s conditions. As beautiful as the beaches are, it is extremely important to know about the particular beach you’re visiting before heading into the water. Always ask a lifeguard for the best place to swim and current water conditions.


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