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When you were a kid, what kind of vacations did you go on?  Many of my friends would go on driving vacations to visit relatives.  My family went to a resort in the mountains every year or we would visit a tourist spot like Gettysburg or Lancaster, PA.  Getting on planes were not the norm when I was growing up.

When my young adult kids were young, we took them to the shore, to places like the Grand Canyon, California, Florida and on many driving vacations.  When we discovered cruising, we found the type of vacations that met everyone’s needs and those became our yearly family vacations for many years.

Now, as a vacation specialist, My Vacation Lady has planned family vacations to destinations near and far.  Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii are not unusual.  Naturally, theme park vacations are a bit hit as well.

More and more, we are seeing multigenerational family vacations and many are pretty extraordinary.  Have you thought of taking your kids on an African Safari?    While it might not be everyone’s idea of a family vacation, there are lots of kid friendly safaris.  If that might be a bit too much, see what other once in a lifetime family vacations you can take your family on.

Of course, if “once in a lifetime” isn’t going to happen this year, My Vacation Lady can certainly plan a great family vacation experience for your family.