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Beach at Manual Antonio

I admit it.  My Vacation Lady is a bit of a techno dummy but when traveling I have to be able to connect with clients and my colleagues who are helping my clients while I’m away.  This time when traveling to Costa Rica, I decided not to buy an international data plan since I didn’t use it when I was in Saint Lucia.  I was determined to only use the WiFi capabilities of my phone and tablet.  That idea sounded really great, until I screwed up for 1 day and came home to a mobile bill that was about the same cost as a month of the data plan.  So much for my advanced technological abilities 🙂

What can you do when vacationing outside of the U.S. and you MUST stay connected but still keep down the costs of your wireless bill?

If you can’t fully disconnect, you can try to only use the WiFi connections available in many hotels and restaurants worldwide.    So while you’re in Saint Lucia or Costa Rica or France or Italy or Tahiti, you can post an Instagram photo to Facebook or you can check email.

If you need to make a call or 2, there are some inexpensive services like Google Voice and Skype that will allow you to make calls through the internet.

For those who are completely attached and just can’t disconnect, there are still some options for you as well.

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