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It’s almost family vacation time!  Summer is the number one time of year that families travel.  School is out and most parents will schedule some of their vacation time during the summer so that they can take a great family vacation.

What is your idea of a great family vacation?  You’ll hear vast differences between families with teens vs.  families with toddlers and each family will have their own favorite type of vacation.  Some prefer theme parks and return year after year.  Some prefer beachy vacations.

Wendy Perrin, a well known travel writer for Conde Nast, interviewed the well traveled children of the magazine editors.  Remember, these kids have likely visited more places world wide than the average child but these were what was important to them.

1.  Embrace the exotic- kids can really become enthralled with a destination so radically different than their own

2.  Try something new- whether it’s a an excursion, sport or maybe even a food.

3.  Give them a break- mix up car or bus tours with walking and exploring

4.  Turn sightseeing into a game- ie: bring pictures of things you want your kids to find in a museum and let them “hunt” to find them

5.  Never give kids a guide book

6.  See shows that you would never see if you were on your own

7.  Explore local food markets and have a picnic

8.  When all else fails, try ice cream

9.  Make a collection into a treasure hunt- let them find new collectibles to keep them entertained

10.  Take them to place or bring things with you that will enable them to make new friends

11.  Choose a resort that caters to kids

12.  Let them do some souvenir shopping

13.  Promise them rewards for motivating them to be good during long flights/drives.

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