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Destination Weddings have become extremely popular in recent years.

  1. It alleviates some of the stress of planning a big wedding at home
  2. If most of your guests will be flying in to your wedding location, why not have them make it a vacation?
  3. It is usually much less expensive than a traditional – at home- wedding.

When speaking to my prospective destination wedding clients during their initial consultation, I always bring up the idea of a wedding at sea or on a beach while on a cruise.  With all of the ports that cruises sail from and all of the destinations they visit, you can plan anything from a pier side wedding, wedding on board the ship, beach wedding, gardens wedding, wedding in Alaska, Santorini, Greece and so much more.

Why are cruise destination wedding so popular:

  1. Most cruise lines have pretty easy group policies which will allow the travel professional to lock in rates for a certain period of time before a deposit is made.
  2. Most cruise lines have their own wedding coordinators on board to assist with the wedding details and their wedding planning staff is located in the US (which means that you have no need to call out of the country or have a problem with language)
  3. On cruise ship destination weddings, we can hold many levels of accommodations- so if the bride and groom want a suite but the bridal party wants an interior cabin- it is not a problem.
  4. The entire group can go it’s own way during the rest of the cruise OR have dinner every night together.
  5. With the vast array of departure ports, guests may be able to drive to the cruise or take a relatively short flight.

This article has info on many of the popular  cruise lines for destination weddings.  CLICK HERE