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I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible time sleeping on a plane- even on an overnight flight.

Caroline Morse of the Smart Travel staff offered these 10 tips to make it easier to sleep on a plane.

  1. Dress comfortably– obviously if you are dressed in a suit and tie or restricting clothing, it will be more difficult to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.  Loosen up your shoes, wear layers of clothing since blankets are no longer provided on most flights and consider wearing sweat pants of the equivalent to get really comfortable.
  2. Sit as far away from the wings or bathroom as possible– There is always more noise when you are near the wings and just being near the bathroom means more people moving and risking the chance of bumping into you or your neighbor, which can interrupt your sleep.
  3. Try taking a sleeping pill- The very important thing to remember with this tip—- try the sleeping pill PRIOR to getting on the plane if you haven’t used the sleep inducing remedy before.  You want to make sure the remedy doesn’t cause side effects that you aren’t aware of in advance.
  4. Get a window seat- you can always use a sweater or jacket as a pillow and rest on the window or wall.  This may be more comfortable than resting on a neighbor’s shoulder.
  5. Bring your own pillow-Since pillows and blankets are now scarce on planes, bring your own travel pillow.
  6. Wear an eye mask- There are some good blackout eye masks available that can help block out unwanted light.  You might want to consider investing in one.
  7. Block sound-While ear plugs may not really do the trick, they may help.  Another option are trying some noise blocking headsets.
  8. Bring your own blanket-Again, with airline cutbacks, they may not be available.  Another multi-purpose trick is to bring a pareo with you.  When you’re not using it for a blanket, you can use it as a beach cover-up.
  9. Limit  your carry on items-With legroom being cramped as it is, having to store another carry on under the seat in front of you will be torturous when trying to stretch out to sleep.  Only bring what can fit in the overhead compartments.
  10. Don’t order a special meal-While most airlines have eliminated meal service, some long flights will still offer a meal.  If you order a special meal (ie: vegetarian) the flight attendant is likely to wake you to serve you the meal.

Another tip not offered by Caroline, My Vacation Lady recommends upgrading to business or first class but if that isn’t possible, many airlines will offer extra legroom seats for an additional fee.  It might be worth the extra money for the extra room to stretch out and get comfortable.

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