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If you’re a fan of the series Lost, you might know that the TV show was filmed in Hawaii and more specifically in Oahu.  Yes, that is the same island as Pearl Harbor and Waikiki.

Kualoa Ranch

Many travelers opt to skip Oahu in favor of the other islands like Maui, Kauai and the Big Island but for those who venture outside of Waikiki, you know the secret.  Oahu is a beautiful island with lots of natural beauty, hidden beaches and and great spots to film movies and TV shows.

While Lost hasn’t been filmed in a couple of years, every so often My Vacation Lady will get a request from a client to go on a LOST tour.  They aren’t too easy to find anymore but there are a couple of excursions that will take you to some of the sites where they filmed Lost.

One of those spots is the Kualoa Ranch on the east coast of Oahu off Rt 83.  It’s really not difficult to get to from Waikiki.  We drove from our hotel to the Koaloa Ranch in less than an hour and we stopped for a couple of photo ops along the way.

If you’re going to rent a car, check out these filming sites that you can visit on your own.

So in addition to Kuoloa Ranch, check out the survivors beach camp at Police Beach and the “Others” camp at the YMCA Camp Erdman.  While the movie props are likely gone at this point, for the true fan, it’s still a thrill to explore the spots where the TV show was filmed.