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One of the things that annoys My Vacation Lady is that the cost of WiFi at hotels and resorts and cruise ships.  You can go into a budget hotel and get free WiFi but if you go into many of the upper level hotels, you are likely to get stuck paying an internet fee if you want to use your laptop or tablet.  You might be able to get internet access from your smart phone, if you are within the U.S. but if you are traveling overseas, you’ll need a costly data plan.

Some of the hints we will give to our clients is to sign up for the hotel loyalty membership.  The Fairmont resorts, for instance, will include free internet access if you are part of the Fairmont President’s Club.  Some of the cruise lines will offer returning guests a certain number of free internet minutes, with the purchase of a package.   It’s a bit harder to find other sources of internet while you’re at sea but, on land, You can try going into a Starbucks and many fast food restaurants are offering free WiFi as well.