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Are you an over packer?  I know that I certainly am.  I will typically come home with 1/2 of a suitcase filled with clean clothes because I always take too much.  I like choices and when it really comes down to it, I rarely need everything I pack.

The common feeling might be that we want to make sure that we are prepared for every situation.  Do you want to show up for dinner in shorts and a tank top when all of the other diners are in suits and dresses?  Did you know that you can be denied entrance into some churches and temples in Europe and Asia if your shoulders are bare?  But do you need high heeled shoes for sightseeing in Rome and Florence on their cobble stoned streets?

A suggestion to the author of this article originally published in the Washington Post, was to chart out a course for what the author would be doing during her vacation and detailing an outfit for every event.   Writing down what you think you’ll be doing (ie: wine tasting event or romantic dinner on the beach and zip lining, hiking and laying out by the pool).  Once you have it down in writing, it may be easier to visual what you will need and pack accordingly.

This is great advice and I’m certainly going to try but as an admitted over packer, withdrawal from my tons of choices of what to wear, is going to be hard.