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How many times have you gotten to the baggage carousel and 90% of the suitcases are all black and they all look alike?  How do you make yours stand out so that you can actually find them?

Here are 5 tips on how to make your suitcase stand out on the baggage carousel.

  1.  Buy a different color than black- how about purple, lime green or even pink.  Yes, I know that for a man that may be hard to fathom but even a royal blue or red suitcase will be easier to spot.
  2.  Attach a very bright and large luggage tag.
  3. This is from my grandmother— attach brightly colored ribbon to the handles, but be careful that these ribbons aren’t long enough to get caught on any of the conveyer belts.
  4. Use brightly colored luggage straps around your suitcase- bright green, yellow or even rainbow colored will stand out.  Again, be sure they are tight enough not to fall off during the handling.
  5. Tape the sides of your suitcase with duct tape (they come in bright colors now) to help identify your bags.  I have seen it with X’s on the luggage or even names spelled out.

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