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For years, My Vacation Lady has had clients who have traveled all throughout hurricane season and for the most part, we’ve been pretty lucky that only a few had hurricane related issues effect their vacations or honeymoons.  This year, however has been another story.

negril beach

Honeymooners were having a fabulous honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica when Hurricane Sandy was heading toward Jamaica.  While their part of the island was hardly effected, just some rain and wind, their flight home was cancelled.   Not only was their flight home cancelled for Wednesday, the flight we were able to confirm them on was also cancelled on Sunday since Sandy was barrelling toward NYC- just where they were headed home.

Another client was headed to Rome for a transAtlantic cruise from Rome to Fort Lauderdale.  Her flight was Tuesday evening and JFK was still closed when she was supposed to fly out.  Holland America tried to find a flight for her to each of the ports of call and was unsuccessful.  Needless to say, we had to cancel her cruise.

In both cases, these clients had travel insurance.  Without the insurance, my cruise client would have lost her entire cruise fare.  My honeymooners would have had to pay for the additional 7 nights they spent in Jamaica.

Each travel insurance policy may offer different coverage and different benefits so you have to be aware of each of the inclusions but My Vacation Lady can help you sort out the differences when you book your vacation with us.  If it is one thing we have learned, after all our years in this business is that you don’t chance your vacation investment to Mother Nature.