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Windmills in Amsterdam

With all the planning that it takes to put together a great vacation, My Vacation Lady is offering a few more pre-vacation or pre-honeymoon planning tips that you might not think about.

  • Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months past your return date.  If it isn’t renew it right away.
  • Arrange care for your pet.  Some pet sitters are booked months in advance so don’t wait until the last minute if you have to book a kennel or pet sitter.
  • Let the neighbors know that you will be gone and for how long
  • Put your lights on timers to make your home look lived-in
  • Make sure that any upcoming bills are set up on automatic bill pay.
  • Have your newspaper stopped or ask a neighbor to take it in.
  • Have your mail held or ask a neighbor to take it in.
  • Make copies of your passports, itineraries, vouchers, etc, along with the numbers to call in case your credit card is lost or stolen.    TIP:  I like to email this info to myself as well, so that I can bring it up on my phone or computer if needed.
  •  Send a copy of your itinerary, including hotel phone numbers to family or friends.
  • Check with your airline for their most up to date luggage allowances.
  • Buy a luggage scale.
  • Contact the bank that issued your ATM cards and tell them you will be traveling so they don’t put a freeze on your account when international  purchases starting being charged.
  • Contact your credit card companies to tell them you will be traveling.
  •  Order foreign currency from your bank so you don’t arrive without any cash,  just in case we can’t find an ATM immediately.  Many banks will ship the currency to you.
  • Check with your mobile phone carrier to find out about roaming and international data charges in advance.  Consider renting an international phone if you plan on using it a lot during your trip.
  • If you take prescription medication, make sure you have enough for the entire trip and take a few extras, just in case you are delayed in coming home.
  • Make a list of all prescription medications you take and tuck it inside your carry on so that you have it in case you need to refill any medications while you are away.
  • Check to see if you will need any electric converters and make sure you have the right ones with you.  You might want to bring a couple with you if you are going to need to charge a phone + camera + other electronics.
  • DON’T announce your vacation on social media if your home will be left empty.

Have a wonderful vacation!