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There’s been a lot of whoop-la recently about passengers being booted off of airplanes because of inappropriate attire.

 Southwest Airlines “has become synonymous with people getting kicked off flights for ridiculous reasons,” says Katie J.M. Baker at Jezebel, picking on passengers with low-hanging pants, exposed cleavage, and politically opinionated T-shirts.

If you are looking to get a complimentary upgrade, your chances might improve if you didn’t wear the type of clothing listed above.   According to a post  on Fodor’s Travel Blog, what you wear will make a difference in getting upgrades:

Growing up in a hospitality-driven family (my mother works for Alaska Airlines and my father in hotels), getting upgraded was always a coveted possibility. With an employee’s handbook in hand, my mom used to chide me on sloppiness before boarding a flight. No sweatpants. (Not even the Juicy Couture kind.) Check. Polished heels with flats to change into. Double check. Granted, some of it was old school, and especially in our casual dressing times, perhaps not necessary, but a lot of it has stuck with me. The truth is, looking good actually helps when angling for an upgrade. Here are a few style picks with the luxuries of first class in mind.

READ the full article here and let us know if it works 🙂