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luggageYou never know where you’ll pick up travel tips and these came from the May 2013 edition of Women’s Day magazine.

Here are 7 things that flight attendants shared with the writer:

1.  Where you sit does make a difference.

  • You’ll feel less turbulence in the front of the plane
  • You’ll hear less noise if you sit in the back since sound carries forward

2.  Luggage tags get ripped off suitcases.

  • Put your name and contact info INSIDE your suitcase, right on top.   My Vacation Lady’s tip—- tape your contact info to the top of the inside of the suitcase.

3.  If you’re traveling with kids, fly in the afternoon.

  • Kids are more likely to take a nap at that time
  • Another hint— take off your kids shoes so IF they kick the back of the seat in front of them, if might not annoy that passenger as much.

4.  Smile and be nice

  • What’s the expression- you get more with honey than with vinegar?  Need I say more here?  

5.  Tread lightly on the call button

  • Flight attendants will typically come down the aisles on a regular basis.  So if it’s not an emergency, wait for them to come down the aisle to, if you just want to throw out garbage.

6.  Bring your own snacks or buy it in the terminal

  • If you need milk for your child, buy a container at the airport and bring a zip lock bag.  The planes always have lots of ice (that you can put in the baggie and seal to keep the milk cold) but they typically don’t have a lot of milk.

7.  If you’re celebrating something, let the flight attendants know.  Your special occasion might be announced or better yet— an upgrade?

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