Age appropriate “Take on the Plane” Travel Bags for Kids and Teens

Kids always love going on vacation but they have to be entertained during the flight, car ride or in the hotel room when you’re back for the evening.  When we took long car trips with our kids (like driving from NJ to DisneyWorld one year– the first and last time we did that), we had a box of toys in between them so that they couldn’t see each other, so there was less fighting.

compliments of

compliments of

We filled it with coloring books, crayons, little cars and trucks and etcho sketch (do they still have those? Now more and more kids are flying to their vacation destinations so a box in the middle of the back of the car, won’t cut it.

Shannon Albert of the WDW Prep School, has been taking her kids to Walt Disney World for years and has these tips on how to pack age appropriate travel bags for kids. Click here to see her recommendations We think she has some really good suggestions:  Do you have any to add?

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