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It can be confusing…. Amsterdam is in Holland, right?  Wrong— it’s actually in the Netherlands.

So many of My Vacation Lady’s clients will tell us that they want to go to Holland for their vacation— they want to visit Amsterdam.

But if you actually look for Amsterdam, Holland, you’ll really see that Amsterdam is in the Netherlands.

If you do an internet search for a map of Holland, you’ll get map of holladn


Other than the pretty colors, a search for the map of the Netherlands, will bring up pretty much the same thing.


To confuse matters even further, they speak Dutch – not Hollandese or Netherlandese and Hollanders are called Dutch.



CLICK HERE to check out a humorous video on the difference between Holland and the Netherlands…


My Vacation Lady can help you plan your vacation to Holland or the Netherlands to visit Amsterdam, the windmills and the tulips, where they speak Dutch, are Dutch and just want tourists to visit, regardless of what you call them.