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It’s really a matter of supply and demand.

When My Vacation Lady sees airfare to Italy from the NYC area at $1200 + per person at the end of October, something we just shake our heads in disbelief.  It should be less than $1000 per person.

But we also think that gas should be 99 cents a gallon again…

In an article in the online travel magazine, Travel Weekly,

“The top 10 US airlines carried 80% of system-wide passengers, an increase from the 75.5% carried by the U.S. airlines that were in the top 10 during 2011.”

When airlines are flying as full as they are, there is no reason to drop pricing.  They’re not hanging around waiting for people to fill those prime flights.  People will fill them, and the airlines know it.

How can you save money on airfare?

  • book early
  • travel mid week
  • fly from a different airport (sometimes taking a drive from NJ to JFK, can save a couple of hundred $$ per person)
  • check connecting flights
  • travel off season
  • join an airline’s frequent flier club or use a credit card with airline reward miles