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There are only a few destinations world wide were you can get over water bungalows and the island that has become synonymous for over water bungalows is Bora Bora.  When clients come to My Vacation Lady to say that they want to honeymoon or vacation in Bora Bora, it’s pretty much, without saying, they want to stay in one of the luxurious rooms that have the Tahitian televisions in the floor- the glass plate in the floor to see the fish and ocean below.

bora bora otw bungalowsThese rooms now represent the ultimate in luxury vacation and honeymoon dreams and many of our clients will splurge on this unique rooms.  The first ones were built in Bora Bora in 1971 at the Hotel Bora Bora and they upped the ante for luxury accommodations.

At the time that this publishes, My Vacation Lady will be in Bora Bora taking part in a travel agent familiarization trip that was planned in conjunction with the Tahiti Travel Exchange so we’ll be meeting many of the hotel representatives  in French Polynesia.   We will be staying in 2 different resorts in Bora Bora-  The St Regis and the Hilton Bora Bora Nui.  While we would love to have our own pictures up on this blog, we’ll have to wait a bit until we can download all of the pictures we have taken.

In the meantime, enjoy some of these photos of the best over water bungalows in both Bora Bora and Moorea.  

If an over water bungalow is your idea of heaven on earth, Contact My Vacation Lady. We take the personal approach to vacation and honeymoon planning and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the difference that our approach makes in your honeymoon or vacation experience!