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Beautiful beaches with sea life teeming under the water makes the Hawaiian islands great spots for snorkeling.

A few different articles mentioned a good number of the same beaches so we thought we would share them with you.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Oahu

aerial view Hanauma_BayThis bay is a favorite snorkeling area that is easy to get to and family friendly, even for first timers.  Even if you just stand in waist high waters, you can see tons of fish swimming around you.  For those who are a bit more adventurous, there is access through the reef to Witch’s Brew and some other more advanced snorkeling areas.  




Molokini Crater, Maui


photo by Forest & Kim Starr

photo by Forest & Kim Starr

This is one area that many of My Vacation Lady’s clients will take an excursion to since it is  can be accessed only by boat.  It’s 3 miles off the coast of Maui and offers clear waters and 250 different species of fish, some which aren’t found anywhere else in the world..







Anini Beach, Kauai

Anini_BeachWith the largest reef in Kauai, the water is very shallow in parts, and the reef seems to go on forever on Kauai’s north shore.  This 3 mile long beach is surrounded by  postcard-perfect cliffs. The water is shallow and easy to wade into.  Check out some of the sea life at Anini :  uhu (parrot fish), kala (unicorn fish), damselfish and the humuhumunukunukuapuaa.   With lots of opportunity for exploration of the underwater nooks and crannies at the reef’s edge, Anini is okay for beginners, but can also have some pretty strong rip tides. 






Kaunaoa Bay, Hawai’i Big Island

MK-dlx ocean view-reduced

You might never realize that there are a couple of luxurious resorts behind this beach because the Kaunaoa Bay is just about as perfect a beach as you will find in Hawaii.  This Kohala Coast beach is easy to enter the water anywhere along the sand but snorkelers will  get the best underwater views by the rocky ridges and coral on the right (north) side.  You might be able to see turtles, not to mention parrot fish and tang.   In the evening, the Mauna Kea Hotel shines a light on the water, attracting manta rays who feed on plankton. Beautiful views both day and night.



The Hawaiian Islands are a special place and one of My Vacation Lady’s favorite destinations.  It is our #1 honeymoon destination but don’t think it’s only for honeymooners.   My Vacation Lady can help plan your dream vacation or honeymoon to Hawaii.  Contact Us