Don’t use these words when traveling abroad

I remember working with people from many different Latin American countries during one of my first jobs after college.  One phrase to a Columbian was a joke but to a Mexican it was the worst insult you can say to them.

According to a post in the Smarter Traveler, you should be careful using the following words or phrases when traveling to other English speaking countries:

  1. Pants- while this means slacks, jeans or trousers in the U.S., it mean underwear in the U.K.  If you are looking to purchase a pair of khakis in England, call them trousers.
  2. Fanny pack- This bag is not something anyone should wear anymore 🙂 but don’t use it in The U.K, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa because you will be referring to a woman’s privates.  These unattractive bags are call bum bags in Britain
  3. Pissed- when in Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, pissed doesn’t mean mad or angry, but rather drunk.
  4. Taking a Piss- You would think that after reading #3, this phrase would be getting drunk, but no- it means to mak fun of.
  5. Bangs- You know, the hairstyle that Michelle Obama just got— with the short hair covering her forehead???  Not in England, it’s called Fringe.  Bang is a verb meaning the same as it does in the U.S. when used as a verb.  We won’t say more here.
  6. Knob– In the U.S., we think of door knob— not so in the other English speaking countries around the world.  It’s part of a man’s anatomy.  If you are a male and you are called a knob head, it is now time to be offended.
  7. Rooting around- Not a phrase that I typically use but you may be rooting around for something you have lost.  If you are rooting around in the Australia and New Zealand, a man and a woman will likely be doing something involving a knob and fanny.
  8. Pull- in the U.S., we might be pulling a muscle or pulling open a door.  In the U.K. or Ireland, “going out on the pull” means you are out on the prowl looking for some action.
  9. Bugger- you might refer to a child or pet as your cute little bugger in the U.S.  Don’t even think of using that word since it is a common expletive elsewhere.

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