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honeymoon specialist vs onlineIt’s amazing how many different lists of great honeymoon destination you can find online if you do a search.

I just did a Google search for Best Honeymoon Destinations and got this response:

About 16,900,000 results (0.14 seconds) 

I tried Bing (since I see their commercials all the time that they have a better search engine than Google:

14,600,000 results

Figured I was on a roll, so I tried   This was their response:

Hawaii, Italy, Mexico, France, and India are considered to be ideal honeymoon destinations.


I tried to limit it a bit on Bing by throwing in the word tropical and it did reduce the search a bit —- 5,780,000 results.

I hope that you are getting the point that an internet search of great honeymoon destinations can be time consuming and frustrating.

Just in case you haven’t seen enough great honeymoon destinations,

Click here to see what  U.S. News Travel thinks the  17 best honeymoon destinations are for you- without knowing anything about you.

After you’re done checking out the millions of sites telling you that they know which honeymoon destination is the best for you, contact My Vacation Lady.

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