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passport_stampsMy Vacation Lady just got a call from a client who is taking her 15 year old daughter on a cruise for a friend’s wedding.  Her daughter will be 16 during the cruise so if she got a passport for her daughter now, the passport would only be good for 5 years.  Her question to me was, should she just get a passport card instead since it was so much cheaper.

I advised against a passport card and suggested she spend the extra money and apply for the passport, even though it will only last for 5 years.  I said this for a couple of reasons:

1.  A passport is always your best form of identification.  My daughter brought her passport instead of her birth certificate to apply for her first driver’s license.

2.  Although technically, she didn’t need a passport to cruise on the Oasis of the Seas, since it departs and returns from Fort Lauderdale (a closed loop cruise), IF there was an emergency, medical or otherwise, and she had to fly home from St Martin or Nassau, her daughter might be denied entry back into a U.S. Airport.

So if you are looking to take a vacation or international trip soon and need to apply for or renew your passport, this article gives you all of the information you’ll need to know.

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