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Many people don’t know that My Vacation Lady was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY—- yes, one of the outer boroughs of New York City.  When we jumped ship and settled across the river (in New Jersey), Times Square was a dirty and pretty seedy part of town.  Over the years, Times Square has become one of the major tourist areas in the city, if not in the entire country.

the-ride-busFor Mr. My Vacation Lady’s birthday, we decide to do something a bit different than we typically would have (a Broadway show) and decided to play tourist in NYC.  Not interested in taking the hop on-hop off bus, we decided to try something else.  I booked tickets for The Ride.

When we arrived in time for our ride on the Ride, we found that we were a bit early- so a great opportunity to chat with the staff and take some pictures before anyone else was around.  The Ride bus is a regular coach bus but decorated quite uniquely.  It certainly got the attention of tourists walking by.  (Forget about the New Yorkers.  They just walked right past the bus-likely thinking that this was nothing new, nothing special— see it all the time.) the-ride-cary

The pictures showing are of the back of the bus, so to speak.  The other side is all windows— yes, windows that you can see out of and people on the street can see in.  And this is part of the entertainment—- street performers on the street as well as the folks walking by.

the-ride-scottWe got on the bus and saw 3 rows of stadium seating all facing the windows.  Two hosts/entertainers were on the Ride, Scott and Jackie (I would imagine them to be aspiring actors) were part historians, part comedians and part dancers.

We learned The Ride WAVE— pretty much waving both hands in the air while shimmy-ing around in your seat- that would, hopefully, create some attention from the people passing by on the street.  Again, you could certainly tell the locals from the tourists— who do you think waved back?

We drove around midtown for a bit over an hour.  We passed some places that I never really considered to be worthy of thinking about— the Chrysler building, Port Authority, and then some that I had just plain old forgotten they were there— Bryant Park, Radio City, Grand Central Station and more.  During our ride, The Ride strategically stopped so a street performer could sing or dance (or both) for our entertainment.  Again, you can certainly tell the tourists from the locals.  Guess who whipped out their phones to take pictures of the street performers and the bus?

Brush up on your NYC trivia for the Ride since you can win some valuable prizes— like a trip to Fiji or souvenir the Ride sunglasses.

All in all, a fun day playing tourist in NYC.  Lunch at Juniors, walking around Times Square, visiting both the Hersey’s World of Chocolate (they gave out a sample) and buying some M&M’s at the 3 level M&M store, and then going for ice cream after the Ride.

It never ceases to amaze My Vacation Lady at the number of tourists in NYC.  For us, it’s a train ride away.  For others, coming to NYC is like My Vacation Lady’s trips to Hawaii—- sightseeing and fun.