Really taking a vacation– going offline

When I posted a question in My Vacation Lady’s Facebook page, and asked what you would NOT travel without while on a vacation, the top answers were:  phone, camera, Ipad or tablet, E-reader and sunscreen.

It’s  getting harder and harder to really take a vacation and escape from work and the world around us  when when we won’t disconnect our smart phones, laptops, tablets and get off  Facebook and the internet.   It’s difficult to recharge our own batteries when we’re  constantly online.

When your mind relaxes without interruptions, it’s easier to focus on whatever is right in front of you, allowing you to experience it in a richer, more satisfying way. A vacation—whether it’s a relaxing retreat to the Caribbean or an engaging journey through China—is filled with moments that deserve your full attention, so we suggest you do the following to get off the internet and on with making memories.

Can you really unplug?   Can you tell all your friends and the boss that you’re not going to be checking email?  Can you really stay off social media for the entire time?

Can you put the phone away completely?  Try this— when you check into your hotel, put your phone and tablet in the safe and leave it there for the entire vacation.  Realize that on a tropical vacation, it’s hard to carry a phone in a swim suit :).  Use your tablet for reading but turn off the wifi so that you won’t get those annoying bings everytime a new email comes through.

Do you need the news? – If you want to catch up on news, CNN is likely on the TV or most hotels do have newspapers but why depress yourself with the news when you’re on vacation.

Bring a book and E-reader without internet access – Do we even remember those— books— with pages that you can turn?  Get some paperbacks and after you read them, donate them to the hotel or cruise ship’s library.  Bring magazines and when you’re done, toss them.  Bring a Kindle without internet access and read for enjoyment!

Once you’ve made the decision to digitally disconnect, let us know. My Vacation Lady can find you plenty of places around the world that will make it easy for you to leave your phone in the room safe.

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