Sitting like sardines on planes- get used to it

There’s a TV commercial playing on New York stations.  It shows a passenger getting into a New York taxi and once they are seated, the driver pushes the seat all they way back so that the passenger has no room.  Jet Blue is running this ads and what they say is so true— you wouldn’t put up with that in a taxi, so why should you put up with it on an airplane?

Recently, My Vacation Lady has been hearing more and more of our clients saying that they are upgrading their seats to the extra leg room seats or business/first class, especially on longer flights just so that they can be comfortable.  For those of you old enough to remember when airplane seats were actually comfortable, now paying for the premium seats is giving you the space you had way back before the airlines started squeezing in 6 more seats on the planes.

According to an article written by Joshua Freed of the Associated Press last month:

The changes, covering some of the most common planes flown on domestic and international routes, give the airlines two of their favorite things: More paying passengers, and a smaller fuel bill because the seats are slightly lighter. It’s part of a trend among the airlines to view seats as money-makers, not just pieces of furniture. Add a few inches of legroom and airlines can charge more for tickets. Take away a few inches and they can fit more seats on the plane.

Airlines say that passengers won’t notice the difference.  Who are they kidding?  When was the last time they flew coach in their own planes?  For a 6 foot tall adult, the idea of flying coach is going to be more uncomfortable with the new skinnier seats.  They’ll find their knees pressing against the back of the seat in front of them more and the seats are thinner so the person in front will have a less comfortable flight as well.

On a recent vacation to Hawaii, My Vacation Lady flew from Newark to Honolulu on a non stop 10 1/2 hour flight.  We ended up spending an extra $400 to upgrade to the premium seats so that we could have a BIT of comfort.  The seats were ok— now all they have to do is bring back food 🙂

Read more about the new skinnier seats and how they will effect your comfort in the air.



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