Taking a honeymoon with friends— is it for you?

View of Gordons on the Pier-reducedMy Vacation Lady helped Judy and Joe plan their dream honeymoon to Sandals Royal Caribbean and a few months later, Judy called to tell me that they may have some friends join them toward the end of their honeymoon.  This actually isn’t the first time honeymooners brought friends along on their honeymoon and it happens all the time on a destination wedding but is the idea of bringing friends to help you celebrate your honeymoon the experience that you want?

When Judy’s friend called me, her husband was opposed to going— hey, it’s a honeymoon.  It’s supposed to be time that the couple takes to be together.  Joe called him and told him— what’s the difference if we meet another couple at the resort and hang out with them for a few days?  That sunk in and sounded reasonable since he told his wife to book their vacation and shortly after, we got a call from the 2nd couple to book their stay.

Judy and Joe are honeymooning for 7 nights.   For the first 4 they can sit on the beach, indulge in spa treatments and enjoy each other’s company.  Then, the 2 other couples are “crashing Judy and Joe’s honeymoon” for the last 3 nights and they’ll all fly home together.

What do you think?  Would you invite friends to “crash your honeymoon”?

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