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My Vacation Lady will frequently get asked what are the top NEW places to visit.  Many of our clients want to see and experience something new and different.

According to Christine Sarkis, a member of the Smarter Travel Staff, these are some of the new hot spots in travel for 2013.

1.  Ireland

Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle, Ireland

2.  San Francisco

3.  Amsterdam

4.  Florida

5. Hangzhou, China

6. Capitals of Culture- Marseille, France; Bogota, Columbia and Jeonju, South Korea

7.  Nashville

8.  Croatia

9.  Turkey

10.  Zambia

Are any of these destinations on your wish list for 2013?

Contact My Vacation Lady to help plan your vacation or honeymoon- whether or not it’s on the Hot New Destinations for 2013.