Thinking of sneaking alcohol onto a cruise?

My Vacation Lady gets asked pretty frequently if it is OK to bring alcohol onto a cruise ship.  Some cruise lines will let you bring wine on board for consumption in your cabin (so bring your own cork screw).

Just as some examples, Celebrity will allow you to bring on 2 bottles of wine to drink in your cabin at embarkation.  If you bring the wine into a dining room or a bar, they will charge you a pretty steep corkage fee to open the bottle.  Royal Caribbean’s policy is similar but also limits the size of the bottles to 750 ml or less.  Princess’s policy is similar and also limits the size of the bottles.  Norwegian Cruise Line charges corkage fees on all bottles, whether you drink them in your stateroom or in the dining room and the price is based on the size of the bottle.

blue margaritaI remember one client tell me that they were able to sneak alcohol on board all the time by putting it in water bottles.  Well, seems like the cruise port agents have caught on to that one, as well as trying to disguise vodka by putting in green food dye to make it look like mouthwash 🙂

With so many of the cruise lines offering beverage packages, sometimes it makes more sense to purchase a beverage package and just factor that cost into your vacation rather than going through all the trouble of trying to sneak on booze.


Here are 6 sure ways to get caught trying to sneak alcohol on board a cruise ship

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