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aruba signIt’s the beginning of June and we’ve already seen the start of tropical storms for the 2013 hurricane season.  While we normally don’t see hurricanes starting so early, hurricane season officially runs from June 1- November 30.  That’s a long 6 months and we don’t want you to give up taking vacations in fear of hurricanes.

What can you do if you want to take a vacation or plan your dream honeymoon  to someplace tropical during those months?

  • look for destinations that typically aren’t effected by hurricanes (Aruba and Curacao are out of the hurricane zone)
  • look for destinations that have lower changes of being effected by hurricanes (Barbados, Saint Lucia and Antigua don’t typically get hit as frequently as other islands in the Caribbean)
  • Go WEST— Hawaii is another destination that is typically not effected by many hurricanes and in the fall, airfare is really reasonable.
  • Take Travel Insurance

While each travel insurance policy is different, most will cover you if your flight is cancelled due to a hurricane (in your departure city or your destination—- certain time frames will typically apply).  Most will offer a certain amount of reimbursement if you get stuck in your destination due to delays you encounter due to the hurricane.

Please remember that you won’t be able to buy insurance to cover you for the hurricane IF the storm has already been named.

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