What do you pack in your carry on luggage?

For the zillion-th time, I admit it.  I am the queen of over packing.

carry on+tote for a month tripWhile getting ready for my 8 day trip to Tahiti, I was trying my hardest to limit what I brought with me.  On some of the travel agent Facebook travel agent groups, there were some comments on how one seasoned traveler can go to Europe for a month with just a carry on bag.  She posted the picture of what she took for a 5  week trip — a carry on and a tote.

And there I was—cringing on how to get a week’s worth of clothes into a less than 44 lb suitcase and 6 lb carry on.

So what do you pack in your carry on?

  •  Do you take a complete change of clothes, in case your luggage is lost ?  I do
  • Do you take toiletries?  I do
  • Do you take your camera and tablet and other electronic gadgets?  I do
  • Do you take snacks?  I do
  • Do you take a huge bag of less than 3 oz liquids?  I do

Do you get the idea here of why I am the queen of over packing?  I live on the premise of “what if”  What if my checked luggage gets lost?  At least I’ll have a complete change of clothes and some of my toiletries and all of my medication with me.

My Vacation Lady is looking for your help.

Please send us your best packing tip and we’ll publish it in another blog or on our Tuesday Travel Tip.  Send it to mindy@myvacationlady.com


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