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This week, My Vacation Lady was contacted by a honeymoon couple that we first spoke to in early November about help with planning their honeymoon.  Honestly, when we didn’t hear back from them over the course of the next couple of months, we assumed that they either weren’t going to take a honeymoon OR they had made other plans especially since their wedding was in mid March.

beach bedsOn March 25, the bride called.  They were ready to move forward and they had decided on either Jamaica or Punta Cana for their honeymoon.    They were thinking of the end of April— 6 weeks after their wedding but only 4 weeks from now.

Typically, My Vacation Lady would have given them several choices of resorts to choose from- a couple in each destination that fit their budget and would have fit their dreams.  This time, after doing our research, we were only able to find 1 choice in Jamaica and 1 in Punta Cana.  It wasn’t that nothing fit their budget.  It was that the hotels were SOLD OUT.

They were looking for an adult only, all inclusive resort for 6 nights with a $4000 budget.  Normally, some of my go-to resorts, would certainly fit the price point.  This time, 4 weeks in advance of their dream honeymoon, I wasn’t seeing the availability in any room category.

They did end up booking one of my top choices in Jamaica, with non stop flights from Newark to Montego Bay but there were no seats to assign on the return flight and the only seats that I was able to assign on the outbound flight were no where near each other.

There are available seats on the plane but United holds open about 20% of the seats for airport check in, and probably the same amount are only available in the premium seats, that will cost extra to have assigned.

What would this honeymoon planning picture have looked like if they were planning in 4 months ahead, instead of 4 weeks ahead?

  1. Our honeymoon recommendations would have been 4-6 resorts instead of 2
  2. They would have gotten seats on both flights– next to each other.

Will they still have a great honeymoon?  We’re sure they will but we would rather have had the opportunity to offer a few more of the resorts that we know our honeymooners love.

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