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This week was a week of sad news at My Vacation Lady’s office.  One of our travel colleagues have received news about a life threatening illness and another lost a very dear family member.  Every time something like this happens, it brings us back to bucket list vacations.

Regardless of age, have you ever heard other people say that they are dreaming of going on a fabulous dream vacation to XYZ destination before they die or before they get too old or before they get sick?  The list of befores gets longer and longer.  Some of our young couples say that they want to go on their dream honeymoon or vacation before they start a family or before they buy a house or before they go back to school or switch jobs.  These are bucket list vacations, otherwise known as life changing vacations or once in a life time vacations.

great wall of china-tvl on thruTo every one of our clients, their bucket list vacations are very different.

Leigh and Richard planned a luxury escorted tour of China.  This was on Leigh’s bucket list.  Unfortunately, Richard had a health issue that prevented him from traveling but he insisted that Leigh go without him, since this was her dream.  While she was hesitant to go alone, we assured her that the tour that she was going on would make sure that she was comfortable and had a great time.  She even met another woman who was traveling alone and the two became fast friends.  We were so happy that Leigh was able to go on this bucket list vacation, even though Richard wasn’t able to go because she came home with wonderful memories.

What’s on your travel bucket list?

The Travel Channel listed a dozen bucket list vacations.  Are any on your list?


Whether your bucket list vacation is to the Far East or the Eastern Caribbean, My Vacation Lady can help plan your vacation.

As my friend, Randee, said earlier this year after having emergency open heart surgery, “There’s no luggage rack on a hearse.”


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