10 Favorite Natural Wonders

CNN Travel published an article on 10 favorite World Wonders as voted on by Gogobot’s 2.5 million users and reviews posted in the previous 12 months.

View from the top of Diamond Head

View from the top of Diamond Head

The list included:

  1. Diamond Head in Oahu
  2. The Grand Canyon
  3. Muir Woods
  4. Old Faithful
  5. Golden Falls in Iceland
  6. Australia’s 12 Apostles
  7. Niagara Falls
  8. the Badlands National Park
  9. Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh Scotland
  10. Mt. Kilmanjaro


We understand that this was voted on by readers and subscribers to the website but Diamond Head as the top world wonder? ¬†Yes, the views are sensational and it’s very easy to get to but, come on, so it Haleakala in Maui or Volcanoes National Park in the Big Island or Waimea Canyon in Kauai if you want something beautiful and in Hawaii.

Read the list here and let us know if you have some world wonders that you think should have been on this list.

Just a couple of the ones that My Vacation Lady thinks should be on this list are:

  • Iguazu Falls bordering Brazil and Argentina
  • Victoria Falls in on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii
  • Ayers Rock in Australia

Send us an email and let us know what you think is missing from the top wonders of the world.




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