Amazing Little Known Islands

When researching a honeymoon for clients interested in Croatia, My Vacation Lady came across a little known island called Hvar.

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Have you ever heard of it?

It’s known as the Queen of the Croatian Islands.  It’s known for it’s mild weather and celebrity guests who have recently flocked to this island.





Kalaupapa Peninsula MolokaiHow about the islands of Molokai in Hawaii?

While it’s the 5th largest of the Hawaiian islands, it’s still relatively unknown.  It does have the highest sea cliffs in the world and some breathtaking scenery.  It’s also the way Hawaii was many, many years ago.



Imagine our surprise when both of these islands make Yahoo Travel’s list of 10 amazing undiscovered islands around the world.

Read Yahoo’s list of 10 amazing undiscovered islands

Is one of these islands on your radar for your next vacation or honeymoon?

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