Bad weather and how it can affect your vacation

mexico or snowThis is not how rain can ruin your tropical vacation but how you may not be able to get to your tropical vacation due to bad weather.

My Vacation Lady lives in a state that typically gets about 25″ of snow a year.  So far this year (and it’s only Feb 17), we are at more than double that and winter is not over yet.  More snow is in the forecast for this week.

This week alone, we have had 2 cancellations.  On Friday, a teacher called to tell us that her school district was taking away days from spring break since they had already used more than their allotted snow days.  Although her vacation during that week was already booked and deposited, she would not be allowed to take off.

Erin and Kevin were supposed to leave for Aruba yesterday from Boston.  We, in New Jersey, were expected to get a couple of inches of snow on Saturday but we thought that Boston was supposed to get more, so Saturday around 2pm, we checked on the airline’s website to check the status of their flight.  As we anticipated, the airline had cancelled the flight 1 day prior to the departure, in anticipation of the snow.  Boston got another 4″ of snow during this snow event.  Was it enough to cancel flights?  Apparently so.

Since Erin works in a school, as well, and the only option we could find was for them to depart on Wednesday- when they were coming home on Friday, we ended up cancelling their vacation as well.

Luckily in both cases, these clients had travel insurance.

What would happen to our teacher client whose spring break vacation is slowly being reduced by the increasing snow days if she didn’t have insurance?  She mentioned that a few of her friends already lost their money when they had to cancel their vacations.  Many paid in full when they booked online and didn’t have insurance.

So far this winter has been playing havoc with flights in states that rarely get snow, like Georgia and Texas.  Flights are cancelled because they are coming from airports impacted by bad weather. So if you are in Miami and headed to the Caribbean, but your air craft was arriving in Miami from Dallas and Dallas had an ice storm that cancelled the flight, you may not be getting to your vacation destination, on time or at all.

The moral of the story here is to always take travel insurance and to keep checking on the status of your flights.

My Vacation Lady is sooooooooooo tired of winter.


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