Do you enjoy snorkeling? Check out some unique snorkeling sites world wide

Back in December 2013, My Vacation Lady snorkeled in some of the clearest waters that I have ever seen and among some of the most beautiful coral.  This was in Bora Bora.

The fish were multi colored and it was just a great experience that I highly recommend to all of our clients headed to French Polynesia.

But what if you have already “been there and seen it”?  What if you want something more unique than just the beautiful coral reef and the colorful fish?

Check out some of these really unique snorkeling sites

Since this article is a couple of years old, there is one more site that opened in the past couple of years.  Just a short plane ride from many US cities, the Underwater Museum of Art off the coast of Isla Mujeres (Cancun) is another unique site.

underwater snorkel park cancun-tot080813

The museum was created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor and it has really drawn a lot of attention! The main part of the underwater museum is called “The Silent Evolution” and has 400 life-size figures.   These  sculptures are meant to change over time and they were constructed to become an artificial reef.  As you snorkel around the sculptures, you’ll actually  see how coral has started growing on the statues.

If you are planning on heading to the Cancun area, this might be an excursion worth booking!

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