Where should you go for your honeymoon based on the time of year?

There is never a guarantee when it comes to weather but most honeymooners, obviously, would prefer to go somewhere for their honeymoon when the weather is good.

  • So if you’re getting married in the fall and have dreamed of a tropical island honeymoon, where should you go to if you want the best weather?
  • Should you base your  honeymoon destination  around typical weather?

There are some safer destinations during hurricane season than others but the last few years have been extraordinary.  With Super Storm Sandy causing massive damage in the Caribbean before hitting the New Jersey and New York coastlines in October 2012,  we’ve been seeing weather patterns that are just not typical.  Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas got hit with more storms than the Caribbean in 2014 so it’s so hard to predict what destination will be safer than others for great weather.

So where can you go to get great weather?

According to an article published by the Knot back in 2012 and taken as an excerpt from the Good Honeymoon Guide by Lucy Hone

Weather by Destination

Below, some of the most popular honeymoon destinations — some because they enjoy relatively sublime weather year-round — and their not-so-pretty seasons.


  • Best months: March to July, October and November
  • Worst months: Far from horrible, December and January are coolest (average afternoon temperature is 75 degrees); August and September are hottest (average 92 degrees). The wettest months are from November to March.

Note: In general, every island’s northern shore gets more rain than the southern, especially on Kauai and the Big Island.


  • Best months: November to April
  • Worst months: It is hottest (up to 89 degrees on average) and rainiest from June to October


  • Best months: May to October
  • Worst month: January and February


  • Best months: Technically, December to May, when the area is coolest and enjoys the most wind, but average temperatures year-round hover between 78 and 88 degrees
  • Worst months: “Official” hurricane season runs from June to November; the worst months are August, September, and October (islands near South America — Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Trinidad, and Tobago — are outside the hurricane danger zone)

Note: High-altitude and coastal spots are cooled by trade winds year-round (a good salve during the hotter and more humid summer months)


  • Best months: May through September or October
  • Worst months: December to February


  • Best months: March, April, October, November
  • Worst months: May to September

Note: The Florida Keys experience temperate, Caribbean-like weather year-round.

Las Vegas

  • Best months: March, April, October, November
  • Worst months: June to September

Note: July and August are scorchers here, but at least it’s a “dry” heat (humidity is very low year-round)


  • Best months: October to May
  • Worst months: Rainy season runs June through September, but usually only involves a short daily dousing. It is also hotter during the summer months.

Note: Coastal playgrounds and low-lying sections of the country are hotter than higher-altitude destinations such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, and the heartland “Silver Cities.”

Southeast Asia

  • Best months: November to February
  • Worst months: Hottest between April and May; rainy from June to September

South Pacific, French Polynesia

  • Best months: May to October
  • Worst months: December to February (hot, humid, and rainy); Tahiti lies well outside the Pacific cyclone zone and while Fiji does not, it is rarely hit during the highest-risk months of January and February

My Vacation Lady is certainly not a meteorologist but we can certainly steer you in the right direction if weather is your top priority for your dream honeymoon.


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