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There are some beautiful waterfalls around the world so what makes Maui so unique in the waterfalls department?  It might be that Maui has so many great waterfalls and most are accessible by driving along 1 road around the island– the famous Road to Hana.

When My Vacation Lady  helps plan my client’s honeymoon to Hawaii or vacation to Hawaii, we provide a map, driving directions and CD of the Road to Hana so that our clients know where they can see some great natural beauty, including waterfalls and black sand beaches.

Makahiku Falls

Makahiku Falls

On one of our first trips to Maui, we took the Road to Hana but had to turn around at Hana because the bridge was damaged.  This past time (November 2013) we drove all the way around and got to see some magnificant water falls at the Seven Sacred Pools stop along the way.

This picture is of Makahiku Falls.  We hiked up the Pipwai Trail about 1/2 mile to see this gorgeous waterfall.

The smaller of the 2 (Waimoku Falls is the other, higher and even more beautiful), Makahiku Falls is about 185 feet high and beautiful.

It is only one of many gorgeous waterfalls in Maui.

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