How to pack for a long vacation and not overpack

Wow, that statement alone makes My Vacation Lady shake.  We are definitely major over packers- probably the queen of over packers.  The last long vacation we took was a 2 week trip to 3 islands in Hawaii.  This was going to be a combination of work (checking out resorts) and pleasure so we needed some nicer casual clothes for meeting with hotel managers, as well as clothes that we can hike in.

Knowing how much we would end up paying in charges if our suitcases were over 50 lbs, we really needed to plan carefully. One tip we can offer is to put your heavier things (like shoes) into a carry on bag and to really maximize what you put into that carry on.

I read this article on packing lighter with the “Outfit-a Day” method and it sounded like something that might help.  It’s all about packing what you need and not more than that.  Doesn’t sound like rocket science but how do you go from being an admitted over packer to one who doesn’t come home with 3/4 of a suitcase of clean, unworn clothes?

Click here to read more tips from an admitted ex over packer.

What are your favorite tips on not over packing.  We’ll use it in a future article.

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