Packing for your Caribbean Honeymoon

Your honeymoon to the Caribbean will be here before you know it and with the craziness of the wedding and life in general, My Vacation Lady always recommends packing in advance OR at least getting things ready before the wedding so you don’t have to do a mad dash out to the mall the day before you leave for your honeymoon.

dunns-river-falls-jamaica-tvl on thurEvery island in the Caribbean is a bit different in what you may need to pack but this should cover a good deal of the different destinations.

Things you might not have thought of:

  • A wedding invitation- to present upon check in.  Since you won’t have your marriage license if your honeymoon is right after the wedding, a wedding invitation will work as proof of marriage for your honeymoon package.
  • Mosquito repellent- especially if you are planning on going on excursions.  The best will have a high percentage of DEET. With the Chikungunya Virus that is being spread by mosquitoes in the Caribbean and, now the U.S., using a mosquito repellent with DEET is a must.
  • Your driver’s license, if you are planning to rent a car.
  • A credit card in your name—NOT a DEBIT CARD, if you are planning to rent a car.
  • A flashlight-just in case the power goes out or if the pathway to your secluded room is a bit dark.

Things you might think you don’t need:

1.  Sneakers or walking shoes- especially if you are doing some hiking.

2.  Water shoes – in case the beach is a bit rocky OR if you are going to climb Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica.

3.  A pair of long pants and a pair of closed shoes for men.  Many of the restaurants will have a dress code and shorts and flip flops are not allowed for men.

4.  1 dressier outfit- for the fancier restaurants.

5.  A sweater or light jacket— it can get cooler at night

6.  Beach towels – while the resorts will provide beach towels, it’s so much easier to recognize a multi colored one in a sea of resort towels and find your lounge chairs 🙂


Some things you should always pack for a tropical honeymoon:

1.  Good sunscreen—the sun is stronger in the Caribbean.

2.  An extra pair of contact lenses or glasses.

3.  Sunglasses

4.  A hat

5.  Extra bathing suits (nothing is worse than putting on a damp bathing suit)

6.   A beach bag

7.  Pepto Bismol- Many times, we’ll eat or drink differently than at home and we don’t want stomach issues to prevent you from having a great time on your honeymoon.

8.  Dryer sheets– sounds odd but, yes, by rubbing the dryer sheet on your beach towel and lounge chair, you can ward off some mosquitoes.


My Vacation Lady is a top rated honeymoon specialist.  We won’t be the first to tell you that your honeymoon should be special but we certainly will help make it special!


About the Author:

Mindy Gilbert of My Vacation Lady has been helping clients, just like you, plan their dream vacations, cruises and honeymoons since 1994.