Packing for your Tahiti Honeymoon

Hilton Moorea

Hilton Moorea

This really isn’t going to be a list of everything you need to pack for your honeymoon to the Tahitian Islands or French Polynesia but more about what you might not consider packing for your Tahitian honeymoon.

Some of this will depend on which islands you’ll be visiting but some are more generic:

Things you might not have thought of:

  • Bring your PADI certification card with you, even if you aren’t planning on diving.  You are allowed and extra 5kg of luggage on your inter-island flights.
  • Mosquito repellent- especially if you are planning on taking an ATV tour, or jeep excursion.
  • Don’t forget to pack an anti itch lotion, cream or spray.
  • Bring a combination of an adapter and an electric converter.  The adapter is for anything with a heating element (hair straightener, etc).  The converter is for your electronics.
  • Bring a wide mouth, insulated water bottle.  Fill it with ice and a bit of water at the hotel and you’ll have cold water most of the day.  A bottle of water is more expensive than a can of beer in Tahiti so if you prefer water during the day and on excursions, this will come in handy.
  • Bring a wine cork screw with you.  Stop off in a supermarket and buy some wine.  It will be a lot cheaper than at the hotel.
  • A small back pack to use as a carry on.  Their carry on weight is 3Kg (6.6 lbs) but they really don’t check smaller back packs much for the weight or size.
  • A travel pillow– the new Air Tahiti Nui planes aren’t as comfortable as the older ones were.
  • If you drink decaffeinated tea or use artificial sweetner (like Equal or Splenda) bring your own.  You’ll only find Stevia in Tahiti and they don’t have decaffeinated teas.
Over Water Bungalows at the St Regis Bora Bora

Over Water Bungalows at the St Regis Bora Bora

Things you might think you won’t need:

  1. Sneakers or comfortable walking shoes- you might want to do some shopping in Tahiti or hiking along some of the trails in the islands.
  2. Water shoes – especially when you’re snorkeling among the coral reefs.  You can easily cut your feet on them.
  3. 1 dressier outfit (long pants for men and a sundress for women)
  4. A sweater or light jacket— it can get cooler at night
  5. Underwater camera- the sea life and the coral is so wonderful that you’ll really want to have one with you.


Some things you should always pack for a tropical honeymoon:

1.  Good sunscreen—and quite a bit of it.  An 8 oz bottle of sunscreen in Tahiti was over $25 US.  You’ll need to re-apply often.
2.  An extra pair of contact lenses or glasses.
3.  Sunglasses
4.  A hat
5.  Extra bathing suits (nothing is worse than putting on a damp bathing suit)
6.   A beach bag

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