Do you really need travel insurance?

This is a topic that we bring up every couple of months because it is one that we strongly believe in.  My Vacation Lady  ALWAYS purchases travel insurance for all of our vacations and business trips.  We had to use it once when my husband got sick on a cruise a number of years ago and have been a huge supporter of travel insurance ever since then.

Let me tell you a personal story—-

We were set to depart for Tahiti for a business trip on December 5, 2014.  We were preparing to let our clients know that we would be out of town.  We lined up our colleagues to support our clients who were traveling.  We had clothes laid out in a spare bedroom ready to pack.

On November 17, my husband went for a physical and the family doctor recommended that he get an echocardiogram to check on his heart murmur.  On Nov 21, my husband went for the test and was told that he had an aortic aneurysm.  Not really knowing what that was, my husband said— no problem, I’ll take care of it after we get back from Tahiti.  The doctor responded— “no, you are going to the hospital.  Forget Tahiti, you need surgery.”

Well, of course Mr. My Vacation Lady, didn’t believe that this aneurysm could burst at any time (because most men think they are indestructible) but we went to the hospital. After days of tests and seeing a zillion or so doctors, we were told that he needed open heart surgery.

Well, Tahiti was out.  We  had taken out travel insurance because of my mother in law’s poor health— we never thought we would need it because of our health.

Well, we did need it and boy are we glad that we did take it out.  We’ll file a claim shortly for reimbursement for the airfare from Newark to Los Angeles (including our premium economy seat upgrade) and for the Tahiti package.  We expect full reimbursement.  The travel insurance policy was not outrageously expensive (it’s based on your age and the cost of the trip) but it can be invaluable if you need it.

Here is some information about travel insurance

Since we needed to file a travel insurance claim about 15 years ago, we have always taken it out and we HIGHLY recommend it to all of our clients.  You never know when something unexpected can happen that will sidetrack your travel plans.  When booking your vacation, we will tell you about why we take out travel insurance and we hope you will understand that we are doing this to protect your best interests.

By the way, the surgery was a success and Mr. My Vacation Lady is, thankfully, on the road to recovery.  Will he get to Tahiti?  Hopefully 🙂

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