Scenic Walks Around the World

Just recently, My Vacation Lady received an email from a local sporting good store asking if we would like to talk about a partnership– recommending clients to each other’s business.  We found it intriguing but thought– we don’t specialize in adventure travel.  After thinking about it some more, many of our clients do some great adventures on their vacations.  While they may not be camping out in a national park or white water rafting down the Colorado River, many of our clients will do some sort of adventure during their vacations.

We decided that over the next few weeks, we talk about some sort of ADVENTURE that you might be able to include in your next vacation.

In this article posted by, they talk about some of the most scenic walks in the world.  They vary from Maine to Kyoto, Japan to Turkey to the Redwoods in California, to Switzerland and more.

mae nam trail-koh samuiWe realized that we have honeymooners going to Thailand in a couple of months and they mentioned that they enjoy hiking and walking to see beautiful scenery.

We might just send them this article.  This might be a beautiful walk that they might be interested in.

What kind of adventures do you like to experience on your vacations?

Adventures come in many different forms.

Check out what some of our clients have done on their honeymoon or vacation.  

If it looks like fun, contact us and we can plan some adventure in your next vacation!


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