Should you trust Wedding Wire reviews when choosing your Honeymoon Travel Agent?

For years, My Vacation Lady has been telling our clients to take consumer reviews with a grain of salt.  By that, we mean—if you are looking at a on line travel review site, take off the top reviews that say “I loved it and I want to stay here forever” and take off the bad reviews that say, “it was terrible.  The airline lost our luggage and the hotel wouldn’t go to the airport to look for our luggage in the lost and found.”  Obviously these are exaggerations but you get the general idea— look at the reviews in the middle.  IF all of the reviews are fabulous, then you can be confident that the hotel is a winner.  If all of the reviews are terrible– run the other way.

86 reviews+award badgesIt’s kind of the same with wedding site reviews of travel agents and other wedding vendors.  My Vacation Lady is the top rated specialist located in New Jersey on Wedding Wire.  There are 67 vendors listed on the Northern New Jersey Wedding Wire boards and 53 in the Southern New Jersey Wedding Wire Boards.  There are some listed that are hotels (like Sandals and Dreams Resorts).  There is one that is a honeymoon registry company, a company that packages hotel and airlines directly (but their reservation agents are not honeymoon specialists) and there are some that are companies that are not located in the state at all.

Of the travel agencies located in New Jersey, My Vacation Lady has earned the top ranking for both Northern New Jersey and Southern New Jersey.  We’re not bragging- it’s something we are very proud of because we have worked hard to achieve that status, since our first review on Wedding Wire in 2010.

If you take our advice,  and see that all the reviews are great, you can be confident that you have a winner.  Take a look at our reviews.  They are all great.

Don’t you deserve the best when plan your dream honeymoon?

We don’t just work with clients from New Jersey.  You won’t see it on Wedding Wire but our clients are from all over the country.  We are currently working with couples from NY, NJ, Boston, New Orleans and Virginia.

Our one of a kind, unique honeymoon consultation is designed completely around getting to know you and your honeymoon dreams.  It can be done over the phone and internet so whether you are in my town or on the other side of the country, My Vacation Lady can help make your honeymoon as special as it deserves to be.

Contact Us to schedule your honeymoon consultation and we’re sure you’ll see how we have earned our top ranking among the couples of Wedding Wire.



About the Author:

Mindy Gilbert of My Vacation Lady has been helping clients, just like you, plan their dream vacations, cruises and honeymoons since 1994.