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Years ago when My Vacation Lady’s kids were young, we drove down to Florida from New Jersey.  Yes, that was the first and last LONG driving vacation that we took but at that point, I wasn’t in the travel business, money was tight and we were booking very last minute for a Christmas week vacation.

At that time, we had a station wagon (do they still make them?) and had a huge box of games, toys and coloring books in the back seat– BETWEEN the kids.  This was way before the introduction of hand held electronic games.  We survived the trip but swore never to do anything like that again.

According, these are 6 top tips for decreasing the stress of taking the kids on a flight or long car trip:

  1. Pack snacks
  2. Keep them occupied
  3. Use bribery
  4. Take lots of over the counter medications on hand for a variety of injuries or illnesses
  5. Bring lots of anti-bacterial wipes
  6. Make sure you have a power source for recharging all of those electronics

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Now how different is that from our car trip down to Disney World 23 years ago?  No need for additional power sources.  Antibacterial wipes — do we count wet wipes for sticky hands? Yes to lots of bribery and snacks.  Yes, to remedies for all ailments and bruises.  Kids are still kids but their toys and gadgets have certainly changed.  The main lesson here is to pre-plan and take most emergencies into account.  Once you’re at your destination, have a blast and then don’t forget to pre-plan for the trip back.

My Vacation Lady can help plan your stress free family vacation.  Contact us to see how we can help make your next family vacation very different than ours 🙂