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2 travel tips that we found useful from the Eastern Mountain Sports website were:


Traveling by foot isn’t the only mode of travel in need of lightweight thinking. Flying in small four-seat planes in remote places like the Okavango Delta in Botswana, baggage needs to be soft and small, as the planes have minimal storage space. You don’t want to be worrying about hauling a bunch of heavy bags when you’re standing on a dirt air strip in the bush and your pilot tells you to back away from the plane as a bull elephant wanders onto the air strip. Additionally, environmentally threatened places frequently limit access to transportation with the least impact, like the Galapagos Islands where visitors are restricted to small vessels.


Traveling light means choosing clothing with care and picking items that are versatile, compact, and lightweight. I cannot say enough about quick-drying shorts and shirts – a few pairs of each are all I need for many trips. And I rarely travel without my zip-off pants which effectively double your wardrobe, allowing the freedom to hike in shorts, and converting easily in deference to local customs in town. The quick-dry technology in all this clothing allows you to easily wash and dry mid-trip.

We just found this article by Wndering Educators on the  100 International Travel Tips to put more “bon” in your voyage and thought they were worth sharing.

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