Should you travel during hurricane season?

Welcome to hurricane season.  The first names hurricane, Hurricane Arthur, has created some lousy weather for the 4th of July weekend but luckily not much else.  None of our clients were effected by the storm, for which we are very thankful but this isn’t always the case.

Did you know that Hurricane Season lasts for 1/2 of the year?  

Technically, it runs from June 1st to November 30th in the Atlantic, and from May 15th to November 30th in the Eastern Pacific.  Should you NOT travel during half of the year because of the possibility of a hurricane?

If you want to be guaranteed perfect weather, you shouldn’t ever travel since we have had some pretty insane weather in recent years but all kidding aside, there are some pros and cons to traveling during hurricane season and it is a decision that you have to be comfortable with.  My Vacation Lady can’t make the decision for you and we’ll never tell you to travel to someplace that you are not comfortable traveling to.

Here are a few tips for traveling during hurricane season:

Monitor the Weather Conditions

  • Pay attention to the 5 and 10 day weather forecast.  If  there a storm or severe weather brewing, plan ahead and review options on whether you should or need to cancel.  Some airlines and resorts will waive cancellation fees, if a storm is heading toward your destination.Contact Family

Be Prepared

  • Take extra medication with you (at least an extra week’s worth) and some extra clothes, in case you get stuck in your destination.
  • Take all of your travel documents in paper form vs. just having e-documents on your phone or tablet.  If you are hit by a storm and power is out, you may not be able to charge any of your electronics and you’ll want the important phone #’s (airline, travel insurance) with you.

Purchase Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance can assist in re-booking flights, assisting in finding alternate accommodations and can pay for extra expenses if you are not able to get home because of a hurricane.
  • In addition to assisting if you are on your vacation during a hurricane, travel insurance can help pay for cancellations PRIOR to leaving if your flights are cancelled due to a storm in your originating airport or in your destination.

Not all Travel Insurance’s Weather Related Cancellation Coverage is Equal

  • Sometimes we have to learn the hard way but My Vacation Lady  has had our share of weather related cancellations to know that some travel insurance plans will allow you to cancel for ANY reason.  Others will allow you to cancel if your flight is cancelled due to weather related reasons.  Others will allow you to cancel if your flight is cancelled due to weather related reasons and you can’t be re-accommodated on another flight to your destination within 24 hours.  You really do need to know what your plan will cover, just in case.

My Vacation Lady can assist in helping you plan your next vacation or your dream honeymoon and we can advise you on the best time to visit the destination you have in mind.  Unfortunately, our crystal ball is broken so we can’t make guarantees on weather.   We always suggest purchasing travel insurance to protect your vacation or honeymoon and we’ll talk more about it in the next few weeks too.



About the Author:

Mindy Gilbert of My Vacation Lady has been helping clients, just like you, plan their dream vacations, cruises and honeymoons since 1994.