Is travel insurance important for honeymooners?

2 story rooftop terrace viewToday is July 16, 2014 and Christine and Alan should have been on their 10 nite honeymoon to Mexico.  They were so excited about this honeymoon.

They picked the perfect room.  They were going to spend 10 nights in Paradise.

The night before the 4th of July, Christine emailed us about 9pm.  There might be a problem, Alan is in the hospital.  Oh my goodness, what happened?  Is he all right?  He was having surgery on his leg.  Apparently, a few weeks prior, he fell and cut his leg.  Being a man (no offense guys but you know this is really the case for many of you),  he didn’t think he needed to go to the doctor when it got infected.  Well, 3 days before the wedding, Alan was undergoing emergency surgery to have the wound drained.

Please keep in mind that Christine and Alan weren’t planning on purchasing travel insurance but because they were headed to Mexico in July (during hurricane season), we highly suggested it and they decided to go for the extra expense.   I didn’t remember this but Christine brought it up to me the day she cancelled her honeymoon.  The doctor was strongly advising that Alan not get on a plane and go away when he still needed medical attention.

As heartbroken as she was to have to cancel, her husband’s health came first and luckily the insurance would cover the cancellation penalties so that when he healed, they could reschedule their dream honeymoon.

So let’s talk numbers:

With airfare, transfers and 10 nights in a 2 story concierge level suite with rooftop terrace, at an adult only all inclusive resort in Mexico cost just about $8000.   The penalty for cancelling with the travel supplier that packaged the honeymoon was pretty substantial— about $1800 if cancelled 4 days prior to departure.  If we waited until 3 days prior, they would have lost everything.  The travel insurance cost about $250 for both of them.

They can claim the cancellation fee through the travel insurance company, provided the doctor fills out all appropriate forms.  So in reality, the amount of money they will be out— $250 for the travel insurance.

Was it worth it?  I think Christine and Alan will say it was.  In the meantime, Alan is going to owe Christine BIG TIME.

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