Traveling with the fear of disease

Unless you have been hiding in a cave for the last couple of months, you couldn’t have missed the media coverage of the Ebola virus that is very virulent in 3 West African nations and has infected 2 health care workers in the United States who were treating a man who recently traveled from West Africa.

We will never tell you that this is a disease that you shouldn’t be concerned about Ebola but we just wonder if the media is keeping the Ebola situation at the top of the news to keep ratings up rather than basing the coverage on facts.

Just some of the facts:

  • It is easier to catch the flu than to catch Ebola.
  • Flu is transmitted through the air and last year over 50,000 people died from influenza and pneumonia that resulted.
  •  Ebola is transmitted through bodily fluids and right now, only 1 person had died in the U.S. and he was already very ill when he got to the hospital.
  • There is a 21 day incubation period in which the disease can manifest after being exposed.
  • A person who is exposed but showing no symptoms is not contagious.
  • Ebola is not a new disease and has been since 1976 in parts of Africa.

Just some information about traveling during this situation:

  • Travel insurance will not cover you if you want to cancel because you are AFRAID of catching Ebola unless you have purchased a cancel for any reason travel insurance policy.
  • Travel Insurance will allow you to cancel a vacation if you get sick from Ebola.
  • Some (like Travel Guard and Travel Insured) will allow you to cancel your vacation if  you are quarantined because you have been exposed to Ebola.

This is a 3 minute video from Fox News’ Shepard Smith about some facts about Ebola.

My Vacation Lady will never suggest that you travel if you are truly afraid of getting sick but please just know some of the facts and make an intelligent decision without letting the media scare you.  I am not letting the fear of Ebola change my travel plans but I do plan on getting a flu shot before I get on a plane for my next flight.

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