TV and the movies have made these destinations popular!

The World Cup in Brazil has increased tourism to Brazil enormously.  We’re not even talking about during the event- but before and after as well.

waking up to the pitons

Waking up to the Pitons in Saint Lucia

When a destination or resort is features on TV or in the movies, interest soars.  Take the Bachelor/Bachelorette TV shows.   The locations featured in their “Dream Dates” have put resorts in Bora Bora, Fiji, Belize, Arenal in Costa Rica, Queenstown in New Zealand, Saint Lucia, Switzerland, Curacao on the map, so to speak, for lots of honeymoon couples and couples looking for romance.

For those Downtown Abbey fans, interest in Highclere Castle has soared making tickets almost impossible to obtain without pre-ordering them months in advance or taking a guided tour.

The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit series increased tourism to New Zealand just as Oprah’s Australia trip put Australia on the minds of many tourists.

George Clooney’s movie, The Descendants was filmed in Oahu and Kauai and peaked the interest in those islands, just as Hawaii 50 and the Lost series did.

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